When It Snows: A Survival Guide

December 19, 2016

Fear not. With a few safety tips and reminders, you can weather the next storm like a pro.

It’s beginning to look a lot like winter…in eastern Washington! What’s with all this white fluffy stuff falling from the sky?! From time to time, we here in the Pacific Northwest are graced with a magical snowfall that quiets the streets and decorates the trees and looks brilliant against the blue sea, like a painted masterpiece. Until it’s time to drive to work, or take the kids to school, or get groceries, or leave the house for any reason. Then it becomes a pain to drive in.

Fear not. With a few safety tips and reminders, you can weather the next storm like a pro.

The City of Anacortes has a handy guide of how to stay safe and prepared during winter storms on their website  – http://www.cityofanacortes.org/docs/Operations/snow_ice_response.pdf.

In general, if you don’t have to get out during the snow storm, don’t. Use it as an excuse to stay in, play cards, start that new mystery series you’ve been dying to watch, paint with the kids, do laundry, whatever. It’s warmer and safer inside. Without more drivers than necessary on the streets, they’re safer too. The City will have its trucks out cleaning snow routes, putting anti-icer on hills and shaded areas. They do their job best without cars on the road.

As weather happens, tune in to local radio or the City’s social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for reports, school and civic cancellations and breaking news. If you really have to drive, make sure to carry chains with you, leave plenty of room between you and the car in front of you, make sure your headlights are on, drive slowly and cautiously. Be a good neighbor and keep your sidewalk clear. Check on your neighbors. Maybe they’re having a Yahtzee tournament going on. Keep your garbage and recycle bins clear of snow and ice. It makes for easier pick-up after the storm.

Luckily, we don’t get snow too often. It stays in the mountains where it looks even more majestic. If you plan ahead, the next time it snows, you’ll be fine. And, if all else fails, just start singing “let it snow, let it snow, let is snow.” You’re bound to feel better in no time.

Contact the Public Works Department with any questions about winter storm readiness at 360-293-1919, or if you prefer, coa.publicworks@cityofanacortes.org.